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Glitchaus Dada Data Knit ed.2

Glitchaus Dada Data Knit ed.2


An exclusive collection of purchasable statements and exemplary positions between art and design, production and marketing – curated by the members of Bauhaus.TransferzentrumDESIGN – for Bauhaus.Atelier.

Jeff Donaldson is one of the protagonists of the Glitch-Art movement. Under the name NOTENDO, he stages audiovisual performances on a modified game console from the 80s. Fascinated by the similarities of the consciously generated but at the same time accidental disturbances – glitches – with textile patterns and structures he began to implement these patterns on knitting machines in fashion textiles. One step further is his data knits, for which he translated well-known computer viruses (I Love You, Stuxnet) into knitted patterns.

Part of the Glitchaus Data Knit series, the “Dada Data Knit” motif is created by viewing binary data at one bit per pixel. Assigning each 0 to black and each 1 to white results in an intricate, cascading motif, revealing the underlying data structures of a thumbnail image file. The resulting motif is then machine knit pixel to stitch, effectively storing binary data in a scarf. 
Why Dada? Unique to previous editions of Glitchaus Data Knit series, the 2nd edition of “Dada Data Knit” was created especially for the Bauhaus.Atelier. Containing binary data chosen solely for its aesthetic properties, reverse engineering the motif will result in Dada data, or, data devoid of meaning.

Edition limited to 20 pieces

50/50 Merino Wool / Acrylic
175 x 25 cm


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