Glitchaus Dada Data Knit ed.2

Glitchaus Dada Data Knit ed.2


Under the name NOTENDO, Jeff Donaldson stages audiovisual performances on a modified game console from the 80s. Fascinated by the similarities of the consciously generated but at the same time accidental disturbances – glitches – with textile patterns and structures he began to implement these patterns on knitting machines in fashion textiles. One step further is his data knits, for which he translated well-known computer viruses (I Love You, Stuxnet) into knitted patterns.

As part of the Glitchaus Data Knit series, the “Dada Data Knit” motif is created by looking at binary data as a pixel. Each zero is translated into a black and every one into a white pixel. The result is a complex, step-like pattern that reveals the hidden data structure of the underlying image. The resulting motif is knit “Pixel to Stitch” by a machine, storing binary data – in a scarf.

Why DADA? The second edition of the Glitchaus “Dada Data Knit” series was developed exclusively for the Bauhaus.Atelier in Weimar. The underlying data was selected solely for their aesthetic appeal. Subjecting the data stored in the scarf to “reverse engineering” would result in an unreadable data salad – Dada data bar of any content.

Limited Edition: 20 copies

50/50 Merino wool / Acryl
175 x 25 cm

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