Pilot House 10 x 10 m

Date: 24. February 2010 Category:

Pilot House 10 x 10 m – 80 Years of Neufert-Haus Gelmeroda.

Between the motorway and the city of Weimar lies, almost forgotten an experimental building of modernity, the house of Ernst Neufert, author of the architectural classic “Bauentwurfslehre”. Built in only six weeks, the house represents not only a rationalised wood construction following the example of american wood construction but also the application of a 10 by 10 meter grid. Das Bauhaus.TransferzentrumDESIGN e.V. is residing in the Neufert House and conceptualised in cooperation with the NEUFERT-STIFTUNG an exhibition in the houses garden. A wooden walkway rises over the ground and leads the visitors into the depth of the plot and introduces them into this topic with a sequence of information boards. On the meadow in the west of the house, which was planned to become a sporting ground settled wooden plateaus which were used to showcase works of current Bauhaus-University students.