Frederick Chopin Museum, Warsaw

Date: 24. February 2015 Category:

Due to its role in the implementation of the Liszt Museum in Weimar the Bauhaus.TransferzentrumDESIGN e.V. was invited to an international competition for the interior design of the Fryderyk Chopin Museum Warsaw.

Together with project partners from HJP architects, a blueprint for the thematically predetermined museum content was developed. With the historically valuable buildings of the Ostrogski Castle in the heart of Warsaw with its historical rooms expands the museum intoto large catacombs spaces underneath. This tension between stucco and raw brick presented a design challenge.
The starting point of the conceptual work was the image of the composer and musician working alone at night gasping at his piano to every note. The night view of the museum would thus show a single lighted window. The absent Chopin can be heard only as a sound behind the locked door. All “authentic” artifacts from Chopin’s life were to act in a stylised way, contrary to the archive in the central room of the castle. Using touch screens to open as “composers-box” allows the audience to delve into the history of individual pieces of music and bring the notes to life.